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TAX LAW EDUCARE SOCIETY (TALES) is established as a non-profit making voluntary organization. The Society caters to the needs of its members in particular and tax paying public in general, and ensures that its members keep pace with the changing times. It also provides courses for self-development for its members and professional course students. The Society also publishes its journal titled `India Tax’, which is subscribed not only by its members but by corporate bodies. The Society has one web portal in the name of The Society also makes representations to various authorities on different laws which are in the offing.

The Society functions through its Managing Committee, which has various sub-committees dealing with all subjects of professional interest.

TALES shall be principle-centered and learning-oriented organization to promote quality service and excellence in the tax, law and accounting profession and shall be proactive to change.

TALES shall harness talent of and disseminate knowledge to professionals, build skills and networks amongst them and encourage them to adhere to highest ethical standards and professional integrity.

TALES shall provide to students an environment conducive to the pursuit of knowledge and encourage them to achieve their potential to become complete professional in their field. TLES shall also conduct citizens' education programs.

TALES shall be a catalyst for bringing out better and more effective Government policies & laws and for clean & efficient administration and governance.

Key Personnel of the Society

Girish Ahuja M.Com., F.C.A Chief Patron
Dr. Ravi Gupta M.Com., LL.B., M.B.A., Ph.D President
Arun Ahuja B.Com., F.C.A., D.I.S.A(ICA) General Secretary
Sandeep Kathuria B.Com., F.C.A. Treasurer

The aims and objectives for which Society (TALES) is established shall be as under:

1) To educate general public and professionals on Taxation, Law and allied matters.
2) To publish journals, books and other relevant materials to educate students, professionals and general public.
3) To host web site and publish computer materials like cd’s etc for promotion of education and awareness on taxation, law and general matters.
4) To work for the promotion of social welfare and all other such activities and to make adequate arrangements for handicapped, poor, senior citizens, orphans, SC/ST and students of weaker sections.
5) To organize seminars, discussions, lectures, film shows to promote education on taxation and law matters amongst the professionals and general public. And to arrange and hold helpdesk, shows and competitions for encouragement of law awareness among people.
6) To open, arrange, establish and run educational institutions, hostels, libraries, computer/study centers and to provide education for the students of tax, law and professional courses.


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